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After Black Friday we have decided to discontinue the rakeback services offered on High Stakers, as most of the sites offered were either closed down for good, or at least for as long as they haven't paid back their customers. This has been a very unfortunate matter for most of the online poker players involved, as well as for High Stakers.

At this moment we suggest you visit providing lots of information related to online poker rooms that have not messed up, including the best bonus offers and codes to claim them.

American poker players are advised to get a subscription based account at Club WPT. Membership sites such as Club WPT, where you pay a fixed monthly, quarterly or yearly fee, operate with in the laws and are completely legal. Club WPT is a sister site of the World Poker Tour operated by the Group, who are behind major online poker rooms such as Party Poker and bwin.

Finally, a Site for High Stakes Poker Players

Online poker comes in many forms, which means there's a setup to suit virtually any player, regardless of how small their budget or large their ambitions. Millions of players crowd the virtual tables of online poker rooms every day, but the pros - and the amateurs with balls and bankrolls big enough to challenge them - will only be found at the high stakes poker games. What is high stakes poker? The general concept is pretty straightforward; it's simply cash poker at a higher stake level.

If you're serious about making online poker more than a hobby, then you've got a few options. If you're not interested in banging out minimum wage earnings at the tough but well-attended middle stakes tables or multi-tabling a dozen micro-stakes games at once, then high stakes is an appealing alternative... assuming you have the skills and bankroll to survive. To compete, all you need is a players account, the minimum buy-in and a willingness to pony up, but to win is a whole other story.

If you want to beat the best, then you have to understand them, and is a good place to get familiar with your enemy. Even if you're more of a poker fan than a player, then high stakes poker is still where you want to park your computer and TV screens because the pros are the ultimate poker predators. They're driven, dangerous and intense, and you can only fully appreciate them in their natural habitat - the high stakes ring games. Peruse our pro players' profiles to see who's come before you and to get up close and personal with your favorite players... or primary targets.

High stakes poker follows all the same rules as the micro-stakes and even free poker tables (click here to visit if you rather play free online poker,) there's simply more on the line. Because high stakes action tends to be rare, many poker rooms limit their high stakes offerings to Texas Hold'em games, rather than taking up a lot of space with unattended tables. But at pro-heavy sites like Full Tilt Poker it's often offshoots like Omaha that attract the hot and fast high stakes action. While interesting hands are being played by the thousands at the middling and lower stakes tables, it's the high stakes match-ups that get all the press as high rolling players make and lose fortunes over the course of a couple hours. Our room comparisons will lead you directly to the headlining tables, whether you want to participate or merely watch.

High Stakes Poker also happens to be the name of a popular TV show that features some of the world's best live single table action. Because both live and online MTTs tend to be so large, it's rare that you'll see many of the top pros at the same table during a tournament. High Stakes Poker gives the fans what they want - hardcore high stakes action between some of the best players in the game. The payout is huge, but the competition level is unparalleled. These episodes are the stuff of legends and the truest test of a pro's skills since Johnny Moss endured the first gauntlet-style WSOP in 1970.

Finding good high stakes action online can be unreliable, and the truly epic games are few and far between, but the High Stakes Poker show makes it easy for fans to find a big game fix. The show runs from winter through the spring, when most of the major live tournaments are on hiatus. You can get information on this season's most notable lineups and post-episode summaries right here at

High Stakers Rakeback

Chances are you know all about sign-up bonuses (click here to visit if you want the highest sign-up bonus available,) no deposit bonuses, preferred payment bonuses and reloads, and yet a surprising number of amateur poker players have never even heard of rakeback. Few online poker players would begrudge their favorite poker room the right to make a profit by taking a tiny percentage of every pot. The house's little slice of the action is known as rake, and when you're taking 5% from thousands and thousands of pots, it goes without saying that the money really adds up. Imagine if you could get your own little piece of those profits. With rakeback you can.

High stakers and low stakers alike know the value of a good poker promotion, but far too few players take advantage of rakeback. With our recommended rakeback programs, you can get at least 30% of your collective cash pot rakes back every month, by direct disappoint in your player account, and with little more effort than signing up and then hitting the felt.

Membership may be free, but don't underestimate the real value of these programs. As a member of our rakeback programs, you'll be in for even more than rakeback. You'll also be privy to an abundance of other exclusive promotions. Use your poker habit to surge to the front of our cash-filled Rake Race, or make good money grinding your way to the top of our monthly $15,000 Guaranteed freeroll.

Because every dollar counts when it comes to your bottom line, we're offering our members easy ways to get rakeback from all the best poker rooms including Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and You'll be surprised by how simple and easy it is to get that cash back into your bankroll. We'll even teach you how to get around a lack of rakeback at the famous PokerStars poker site.