HighStakers.com's Full Tilt Poker Review

Full Tilt Poker has already made millions of amateur poker players' dreams of playing with the pros a reality. The site is one of the largest poker rooms in the world, and rightfully so with its sleek design, intuitive player features, huge tournament schedule and reliable software. Yet when most poker fans think of Full Tilt, they think of its seats before its tables. That's because Full Tilt Poker employs the largest team of pros in the industry. Every week these poker celebrities clock at least 1600 hours at Full Tilt's virtual felt. Even if the possibility of going head to head with a pro (and winning) doesn't appeal to you, the site's many other player-oriented amenities no doubt will.

Full Tilt Poker's Look

The look of Full Tilt Poker's website and poker room are far from unique, but that's because so many other poker sites have now copied them. Full Tilt Poker still does the minimalist design best with its masculine color scheme and no-nonsense tables which manage to offer an unparalleled number of features and options without looking or feeling overdone. In other words, Full Tilt is the epitome of poker cool; doing things well at every level without trying too hard.

If their lobby initially seems cluttered, it's only because you haven't utilized the filter features yet. Players can choose between three different lobby views and more than a dozen tournament and ring game filtering options, including a quick table finder that can have you seated at your ideal table only moments after logging on. If you still feel lost scrolling through all your options, then the optional color coding can help you to quickly identify desired features.

Full Tilt Poker's Software

Full Tilt's proprietary TiltWare platform makes the room's tables some of the industry's best when it comes to sheer playability. They're fast, they're attractive, and most importantly they're highly functional whether you're playing at just one or the maximum of 18. As we've already mentioned, the software supports a huge number of ongoing ring games and tournaments and manifests itself in simple but flawless game graphics and faster than live game play. We've never experienced a single glitch at Full Tilt Poker, even during peak hours and special events when the site sometimes supports more than 100,000 players.

Full Tilt Poker's Games

Like any good poker room, Full Tilt Poker offers up hundreds of Texas Hold'em games and tournaments spanning the full stakes spectrum. What makes the site great is its ample Omaha offerings and lightly attended but nevertheless present Razz, Stud and mixed game tables and tourneys. Where Full Tilt really excels is in poker innovations like their new Rush Poker feature which ferries players to a new table or tournament seat following every hand.

Speaking of tournaments, Full Tilt Poker's lineup is the stuff of legends with the collective prize pool for their weekend guaranteeds numbering in the millions. If you're not ready to go that big yet, you can still play the site's smaller multi-thousand dollar guaranteeds for as little as a $1 buy-in. Full Tilt also sends dozens of satellite winners to major live tournaments every year, and the qualifying process often starts at the freeroll level.

Full Tilt Poker's Players

During off-peak hours Full Tilt's tables still play host to tens of thousands of players, making it easy to find steady action whenever you log on. With cash player numbers ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 on crowded weekends, you'd expect the competition to be super soft, but the site's roving mob of pros and its even larger contingent of seasoned regulars put the competition level here a little higher. While the micro-stakes tables are still easy prey, the higher you go the harder it gets. Even the low buy-in tourneys are a grind thanks in part to the massive fields. While there's no doubt profit potential on Full Tilt Poker, it's rare that you'll find an easy win here.

Full Tilt Poker's Promotions

As one of the most popular and highly regarded poker rooms in existence, Full Tilt Poker doesn't need to pander to potential members, but the site continues to show a solid understanding of players of every level by offering a generous and versatile promotional package. While reloads are exceedingly rare at Full Tilt, their sign-up offer should be big enough to keep most bonus hunters happy for quite a while. The 100% first deposit match is worth up to $600 and is earned incrementally, ensuring even casual players a little something extra.

Where Full Tilt Poker's promos really shine is in long-term play-oriented areas. By that we mean their generous frequent player points program, their many daily freerolls - some of which lead to larger prizes like seats at major tournaments or even cars - and their plethora of tournaments with modest buy-ins and life-changing prizes. In other words, Full Tilt Poker creates an amateur-friendly environment in which big things really can happen to small-time players.

What Full Tilt Poker Is Known For

Full Tilt Poker players tend to promote the aspects of the room that best suit their own interests. For example, casual players that are more fans of the game than serious competitors appreciate Full Tilt's active roster of pros which gives them an opportunity to watch, learn from and even play with their card idols. Cash-strapped players with big ambitions appreciate the site's many satellites and low buy-in guaranteeds. And the most serious of Full Tilt's visitors will no doubt recognize the incomparable quality of the site's software and will appreciate how Full Tilt manages to direct a steady flow of cash players to several different games and stakes levels.

Full Tilt Summary

It's hard to fault Full Tilt Poker since much of its excellence can be credited to its advisory panel of real players. Our only complaints are that the room has somewhat limited banking options, and that the competition isn't quite as soft as you'd hope to find with such big player numbers. Still, Full Tilt Poker is easily one of the best poker rooms in the world - whether live or online - making it a must-play for simple fans and ambitious amateurs alike.