Get 30% Rakeback at Absolute Poker

In exchange for hosting games, poker sites like Absolute Poker take a small percentage of every ring game pot. Most live casinos are supported by their player's losses; rake in poker is a much friendly concept. The amount they take every hand always has a cap but averages out around 5% of the pot; that percentage generally gets smaller as the stakes and the pots gets larger, though. It's such a small amount that few players even consider rake, but that money can really add up over thousands of hands.

Rakeback is an incentive that gives you part of the casino's rake back. While obviously you'll only be entitled to the portion you paid into every pot, consider how much 5% of all you've ever played actually is. If you're already a good player, then rakeback could be pure profit, and if you're still in the learning stages then rakeback could be an important step toward breaking even.

Get 30% Rakeback

Rakeback Program Absolute Poker

While Absolute Poker - like so many other popular poker rooms - doesn't give rakeback benefits automatically, joining a program like the one offered here will ensure that the rakeback you're due is deposited directly into your player account. Furthermore, as a member of our Absolute Poker rakeback program you'll also be given access to other exclusive promotions like a Rake Race leaderboard competition and regular freerolls with guaranteed prize pools of up to $15,000. For a limited time, players that generate at least $500 in rake will also be eligible for a 30-day membership to Deuces Cracked.

What's the catch? There is no catch and no cost when it comes to claiming your rakeback. You've already paid your dues, and Absolute Poker wants to reward you - and keep you coming back - by returning the favor. Play your cards right, and you could be eligible for up to 30% rakeback on all your ring game action.

There are a couple easy ways that you can optimize your rakeback. First and foremost you have to qualify for the program, but qualifying is easier than you may think. To be eligible for our rakeback incentive, you'll have to make a minimum $30 deposit into your new Absolute Poker account, and then you'll need to use that money to play at least 100 raked hands. Only hands played at cash ring games count.

While bonuses are another great way to supplement your bankroll, bear in mind while earning and using bonus play that it will effect the amount of rakeback you earn during that period. Many players still choose to use their bonuses when they're available to them, knowing that once they have they can go back to earning rakeback at the regular rate.

How frequently can you receive rakeback benefits? So long as you're consistently playing cash games at Absolute Poker, you'll earn regular, indefinite rakeback payments. The funds will be deposited directly into your player account by the 15th of every month; the amount you receive will be determined by the amount you've contributed to cash game pots and may also be affected by other promotions like the use of bonuses mentioned above. If you are not currently earning or using a bonus, then you can earn up to a 30% return on all your cash game pot contributions.

Joining Absolute Poker is easy, and making your first deposit is equally simple. To ensure that you are eligible for the rakeback program, you'll want to join through the link provided here and to enter the appropriate bonus codes. As a new member, you'll not only receive your first entry to our exclusive $15,000 Guaranteed Cereus freeroll, you'll also be eligible to join the Rake Race after contributing your first $1 in rake.

Get 30% Rakeback